Educating our youth on the importance
of healthy nutrition in sports!

Athletes Chef has taken an active stand in educating the youth on the importance of healthy nutrition. By getting involved with various community outreach programs, schools, etc. We aim to educate the youth at an early age on the importance of a proper diet and nutrition to reduce the number of people who suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease which has been rising at an alarming rate. It is also our goal to inform everyday people that suffer from dietary or health conditions how to prepare foods best suited for their condition.

  • Athletes Chef
    To educate and benefit the
    general public

    Athletes Chef non-profit was created to benefit youth, eldery and

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  • Athletes Chef
    Promoting Healthy Programs,
    products, and foods

    Athletes Chef interviews various health & sports professionals

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  • Athletes Chef
    Services & Placement
    Showcasing and teaching healthy
    cooking alternatives

    A key component to healthy nutrition are proper cooking

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Promoting healthy programs,
products, and foods to
youth, collegiate, pro-sports athletes
Nutrition Programs
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